Brainstorm= Laughter + Post Its

Via BOSS Fin Review (p 8, June 2011) describing IDEO process in the new book The Klutz Book of Inventions. 

  • Dignity is the enemy of invention
  • Laughter is an expected by-product of all IDEO brainstorming sessions
  • 3 essential ingredients = magic markers, stickynotes and sugar in some form
  • 5 IDEO brainstorm rules: 1) deter judgement 2) go for quantity 3) encourage wild ideas 4) one converstaion at a time 5) build on the ideas of others 6 be visual – use sticky note sketches
  • Step 1) 5 mins = single ideas on sticky notes > Step 2) sugar > Step 3) another 5 min round > Step 4) group build
  • Group build = people presents sticky notes to group > people add further ideas (with caveat noone says anything negative about ideas)
  • Quality, remarkable, took care of itself”…”we threw a lot of balls up and some of them inevitable, went in”

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