Brisbane: Massive Change Network- Global Design Seminar

State Library of Queensland is excited to announce that they will be one of the “cities” taking part in the next MCN – Global Design Seminar on the 24th June 2011. 
The topic for this Global Design Seminar is: The Incomplete Manifesto of wHealth
For further details on both the Massive Change Network and the Global Design Seminar:
The Global Design Seminar will be facilitated live, by Paul Fairweather as the “Optimizer” in Auditorium 2 @ slq, 8:30am – 12:00pm (TBC). 
Seats are limited.  RSVP to this event by emailing
++ I’m delighted and surprised at this weird world of connections.  Bruce Mau (and Insitute of Boundaries) had inspired my adventures to Toronto, and when I came home the second time, I teed up some connections with Arts QLD/ SLQ for other things like Ideas Festival.  Many thoughts at that time didn’t pan out, and some did, and then some completely unexpected things also happened out of it like dobbing in Mal for Ideas Festival.  This MCN also an unexpected outcome I didn’t forsee and since became a chance to dob in Paul to facilitate. …I’ve begun to realise my only real power is in the power of connections.  It actually takes me no effort to make intros and all this cool stuff sometimes happens out of them!   I think I’ll always be on the search for awesome dots and joining them.  And because it hardly seems possible most of the times, these rare times, when my Toronto, New York and Brisbane dots join …wow that feels fun.  I’ve learnt that dots also lead to other dots.  It’s a dotty. spotty, kind of world.

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