Freestyle Fenced

Emporium.  This is a case for post occupancy evaluation after design, good place management and refining designs to users.   It is now one of the ‘older’ models of mixed use in Brisbane.  I had heard years ago the most annoying noise for residents is not the banter from restaurants or traffic, but it was the use of cobble stone paving material that would make moving of  empty bottles from restaurants to bins really noisy.  It was a reminder that design is in the detail. 

Another detail is the car parking and paths arrangement.  I walk through it everyday from the bus, noting there is no paths in key points.  You end up walking between cars which I don’t think much of. It had become obvious near Freestyle (Ann St) people ended up short-cutting through the garden.  It is always tight through there with people lining up for over-priced dessert too.  The other day I pleasantly shocked and annoyed at the design solution to replant the garden bed and then put up an ugly fence.   Would it not have made more sense, been simpler, and looked nicer, to acknowledge a desired path and pave a metre of space, and still have plenty of garden space?


2 thoughts on “Freestyle Fenced

  1. kate says:

    omg! so dumb!

    • yengen says:

      It is very strange. It’s like a tiny corner but the fence is really high (assuming they did not want a lower fence/edge to be a trip hazard) – the whole thing is weirdly out of proportion. Unless it is temporary and they expect it to grow to be a very dense hedge and people can’t pass it?

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