Web Design Talk

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a visiting coordinator from Cooper Hewitt Design Museum talk about their website approach.  It sough to inform and advise how SLQ (Asia Pacific Design Library) might collaborate with The Edge and set up their website and digital collection.

I’d been looking at website design on Hutwheels, and some experience in setting up basic things for Priority Seating project and Brisbane PARK(ing) Day etc.

I noted some good points and tips on how one might start something on low resources:

  1. Start by targetting 1 audience (CH used design educators)
  2. Create A+ experience for that target (ie don’t try to please everyone at once)
  3. Let users create content (for CH – teachers, staff added to content such as lessons plans, blogs.  This participation was encouraged as part of bigger activities like workshop/training)
  4. Prototype website before launch so there is a community to start (CH created a site with educators, therefore it was full of existing comments etc, so new users don’t go to blank site)
  5. Expand the “democracy” of information (eg CH curators now blog (informal) and have formal exhibition catalogue as well to reach different audiences.  They found releasing catalogue book in chapters, has helped more poeople to buy the book)

In linking technology and design, they were also asking kids to be digital curators. When they were asked what they wanted to see in the collection, kids sought: a) Prototypes b) Designs that didn’t work c) Design objects

One kid talking about showing design process said “you are giving me information, but I want inspiration”
…I had thought that to be a beautiful line


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