OpenIDEO: Food Challenge: Refinement Phase

This was kind of a weird surprise with my OpenIDEO idea making the Top 20 from 620 ideas!  I might have missed it completely if it was not for Amy telling me.
The challenge is around local food issues (better linking consumption and production).

The idea is:

A recipe book linking and celebrating food with multicultural, refugee and indigeneous groups

OpenIDEO is a global platform, so it is a bit funny(great) that my first contributions were for a very local project!   It is currently in refinement phase and my understanding is they might make a legit project out of it, if it gets to the next evaluation phase.

It is an idea that is shamelessly stolen (…um, inspired by…) by my brief time with BCC’s Multicultural Team/Community Services.  Notably inspired by my wonderful past colleague Kareena and her years of passionate working with migrant groups.

This recipe book was her “dream’

And now it is my dream  AKA how to get my mum’s spring rolls published?!  Yum!!

PS.  On a side note – OpenIDEO it’s a pretty clever design collaboration platform, that I had previously wanted to steal for urban space projects.  The way it teaches about design process steps and encourages collaboration is great.  Tom Hulme is talking about this platform at Ideas Festival – this Friday


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