Jewellery Class: The Sisley Series 1

My theory is design process is kind of the same across many creative projects – it is just at a different scale or different physical outcomes.  In jewellery class, here’s some of my design process

1. CLIENT BRIEF: Triangles

2. VISION/ CONCEPT PHASE: Sketching ideas, google search and maths-geek conversations about triangles with Julia

This week
3. DETAIL DESIGN/ PROTOTYPE PHASE: Determining triangle dimensions and shapes
Utilise paper cut outs to figure out how shapes could hang

Confronted with material constraints (sterling silver being more expensive and me being a cheap ass!).

Stop. Rethink.

DESIGN REFINEMENT 1: Halve material and change the design slightly
DESIGN REFINEMENT 2: During saw cutting, the width of triangles also changes.
DESIGN REFINEMENT 3: I’m now rethinking triangle thickness to maximize material, minimize weight to the wearer, and try to create three pendants.


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