Interior Designers = Best Urban Designers

In a casual conversation last week, an architecture lecturer shared a theory I found interesting.

The view was that most architects are bad urban designers, because they just want to create new forms.  Since urban design is much more about a bigger picture and context, he said interior designers make for the best urban designers because they always work in a given context and constraints.

Not sure you can so generalise but I hadn’t yet heard the comparison and thought it interesting at least.  I wonder where he then places landscape architects? I would actually suggest that prehaps LAs make for the best urban designers (in my experience).


2 thoughts on “Interior Designers = Best Urban Designers

  1. Dom says:

    Would suggest it very much depends upon your active definition of urban design and whether one suscribes to the theory their is a field of endeavor which is exclusively urban design and not if fact merely a subset of recognized and well defined built environment professions.

  2. yengen says:

    true dat. it’s a confusing definition about whether it is separate or subset. I’m not even sure I’m always clear about it – I call myself “planner” and/or “urban designer” depending the situation really

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