Vigilante Architecture

I never did care much for ideas of “activism” related to park(ing) day, and similarly I don’t know if I like the connotations of the word “vigilante”  – but the concept of “Vigilante Architecture” as Spacicity describe, certainly speaks to me:

Due to codes, laziness, a general lack of public creativity and many other excuses, there just aren’t enough cool and unique moments in our everyday environment. As designers, we have all had that moment when we envisioned our ideal design on a perfect site and said, “That would be a great spot for……(insert random idea).”

This is a call for Vigilantes, for designers with the creativity and guts. This ‘Declaration of Design’ will be accomplished by adding artistic and/or architectural structures into the public environment. Not vandalism, spray paint or plaster panda bears, real creations having a physical and emotional impact on those who interact with them. At a time when budgets are being slashed for art programs and architectural projects alike, we as designers need to take action.

“Designers with creativity AND guts“, indeed.    I think most designers (and people) are inherently creative but I most love and respect the ones with GUTS to take actions around their ideas.  Of course, tough to say, ‘level of guts’ is kind of relative to our own experiences/ situation/willingness.


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