UDAL Forum: Speaking about Park(ing) Day etc

UDAL Forum – Urban design:going viral

Thursday 5 May 2011, 5-7pm

Urban Design Alliance Queensland invites you to the May forum:

Paul Fairweather and Yen Trinh will discuss the potential of urban design messages which ‘go viral’, utilising social networking and online media.

Based on their experience with TEDx.com and Park(ing) Day they will discuss the pros and cons and suggest a path for producing ‘sticky messages’ for the general public on urban design and placemaking. A “must see” forum for developing messages to the next generation.

For more information on the forum, view the online forum flyer.
Forum Date:
Thurs, 5 May 2011
5pm – 7pm

Forum Venue:
Norton Rose
175 Eagle St, Brisbane


This is my 2nd speaking event in 2 days… AKA my “urban power week”.

Despite the blurb, I actually hope to speak more about the community-building sides and other inspiring projects.  In starting to put this presentation together, it is helping shape a similar presentation for PIA Conference, and also thoughts for a 5 year anniversary book for Brisbane Park(ing) Day.

Park(ing) Day definitely is viral and is definitely a movement.  Amy had prompted me towards this great TED talk.  “How to start a movement”.   A fun short video, that I see as a fascinating points to reflect on design, innovation and community and collaborative projects.

“…if you really want to be a leader, follow and show others how to follow,
And if you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first one to stand up and join in”

Sometimes I have felt like a “lone nut” on my projects, as well as reflecting how I have “lone nut” friends who I have supported in collaborations.  I think all of us can feel that a bit when we have an idea but kind of unsure if people support.  I’ve begun to realise if you try hard enough, we can find the kindreds to join, those who support us, and sometimes that can come from unexpected friends.  I am certainly grateful for leaders and followers I’ve found along the way in my career, projects and life.

The TED talk also shows, that when in doubt.. the answer is to DANCE! 🙂


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