Anywhere Theatre Festival: My Stage Debut

The Anywhere Theatre Festival will run for ten exciting days in 2011, from May 5th–14th. It is the first theatre festival to get around the lack of theatre venues in Brisbane by only allowing productions that don’t use them. Shows can be anywhere – a park, a backyard, a bedroom, an elevator, a street, a train, on twitter, even Second Life. Anywhere except a ‘traditional’ venue.

I had first loved this idea of theatre in public spaces from the perspective of placemaking and community life.  But now I support this festival in a completely different perspective.  I’ve been taking improv classes and our graduation show (aka my nerve wrecking scary “stage debut”)  will be on May 14th as part of this Festival.  

Come enjoy the show.

The Harold

Saturday 14th May

Show Kicks off at 6.00 pm

Metro Arts

109 Edward St, the city

Entry via Verve Cafe

Tickets: $12 

Book through Anywhere Theatre Festival web site


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