Happy 1st Birthday, Games Night

Tomorrow night is the 1st Birthday of Games Night at King George Square.
Happy Birthday!
I’ve enjoyed watching it grow up and bloom (just like the leadership of its coordinator, Amy). It was born out of an idea of Gnome Chess in Queen St Mall for Park(ing) Day 09, so it feel like it’s part of the family. It’s like Park(ng) Day’s cousin or something, and all the kids enjoy playing together.

As Good Magazine reports the benefits of chess, I’d say Games Night is not only making Brisbane friendlier in social interaction but also SMARTER!. http://www.good.is/post/checkmate-chess-program-makes-kids-better-thinkers/
I don’t see it so much here, but I have many memories of games/chess tables in New York. The dodgy 7th St corner of Tompkins Square Park, the makeshift chess game crates set up in Union Square steps, and memories of looking at games tables in Brooklyn as part of SSBx street furniture project.

Personally I’m a Connect Four kind of gal. I never owned it, but have fond memories of that growing up in Carole Park, playing it in pubs in Brooklyn and Chicago, and declaring myself the champion of the giant Connect Four at KGS. See you at Games Night if anyone wants to take me on!


One thought on “Happy 1st Birthday, Games Night

  1. I have been wanting to attend one of these all year but Thursdays never work for me, so jealous, have fun!

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