Next Generation Planning

Growth Management Queensland, in partnership with the Council of Mayors (SEQ) has developed new guidelines for housing and neighbourhood design for South East Queensland to encourage housing diversity and affordable living.

The Next Generation Planning Handbook will help councils accommodate future growth while maintaining character, lifestyle and affordability.


One thought on “Next Generation Planning

  1. Rant warning! Regulation guidelines are the problem in housing affordability, not the solution.
    Current property developers have a vested interested in limited supply, thus supporting politicians with over-regulated systems where only the largest companies can afford to create identical “urban spaces”.
    NIMBY is held over the heads of every council come election time. Everyone “wants” infratructure to suport access and convenience, but no one wants to live next to it.
    The blacklabelling of “urban sprawl” is ridiculous. Decentralisation can ease congestion, encourage infrastructure, get business out of the CBD, and encourage new land release rather than constant subdivision, which is how much beautiful old housing is torn down.We can then build away from flood plains, instead of in more central but risky areas, like anti-sprawl developments of DFO Jindalee and Rocklea.
    While I support regulation on such things as heritage listed buildlings, and creating designated areas for national park, that’s a far as I go.

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