Why, How, What – Simon Sinek


Sometimes it feels like there is almost too many inspiring TED talks to digest, I found this one related to MDR event.  I had really enjoyed it, and it made a lot of sense to me.  Simon Sinek explains his golden circle of “why, how, what” and how inspiring leaders and innovators are great at sharing/starting with the “why” (beliefs) and it is that which makes us trust and be loyal to something.   I start to see this in patterns in my own life in projects, friends, and design companies.  In design companies I admire, like BMD and IDEO, even when I have questioned the quality of work (“the what”) I can’t help but fall back to still admiring “their why’ and what they stand for (design thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration).  This framework also help reflect and shed light on some of my friendships and collaborators, and “the why” in people I am drawn to.  I also see how this pattern, in how it has helped or hindered my past arguments or project proposals as well.  I’m writing a proposal and I’m going to edit my work to test out this why, how, what approach and hope it might inspire.



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