OpenIDEO and the Yen Manifesto

I had heard of OpenIDEO last year, and had thought it a great collaborative system I had wanted to ambitious take from for a staff network.  Not so simple it turns out.  However I stumbled upon their “Principles of the OpenIDEO Community” and thought it was great manifesto as such for design and life in general

Principle #1: Inclusive
Recognize and enable all levels of participation from different disciplines. It’s about allowing anyone to contribute to the creative process. Whether it’s a great insight, a beautiful sketch, an encouraging build, or a few words of praise, the platform allows everyone to take part in and feel as if they are a part of the process.

Principle #2: Community-centered
Remember the core strengths of the community and play to them. OpenIDEO is meant to foster a strong, vibrant, lively community that thrives on inspiration — and that we all trust will make a difference. Focusing on this community and its activities is essential.

Principle #3: Collaborative
Promote teamwork among individuals and teams by recognizing the many roles that are crucial to each step of the design process. Always choose collaboration over competition, and create an atmosphere for building on one another’s ideas.

Principle #4: Optimistic
Stay optimistic! You never know when a wild idea might enable others to get closer to a viable solution.

Principle #5: Always in Beta
Design for continuous improvement and iteration and scale deliberately. That goes for the community, the platform, and these principles.

It reminds me I did foolishly say last year, that I was going to write my Yen Manifesto, since I had always enjoyed the Bruce Mau one.  Well I did start to write it, but then it also started sounded like I was probably just repeating good advice from others in different words, so I stopped.  But here are some of my scribbles from many months ago:

  1. REFLECT AND EVALUATE: always get feedback and learn from mistakes
  2. NO RISK= NO REWARD: test conventions and push boundaries
  3. KEEP IT SIMPLE: people have to understand the design concept.  apply the “mum test”
  4. THE WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY: still the magic structure of information
  5. YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE: it isn’t effective or rewarding to try to do it all. it’s too much work and not as fun
  6. COLLABORATION: communication is the key to working with others
  7. BE INVISIBLE: community design facilitation is about listening and removing ego
  8. LEAVE IF YOU CAN’T LEARN: work with people you admire and can learn off
  9. CREATE A PARADE AND THEY WILL FOLLOW: create change from the bottom up, to inspire the top down
  10. GRATITUDE: always thanks people
  11. EMBRACE SCARCITY: limited time, money, resources forces greater creativity
  12. FIGHT: take a stand for something, for yourself, for an opinion
  13. OPTIMISM: remember to dream
  15. AGE GRACEFULLY: things take time
  16. KARMA: build trust with others
  17. ASK ANYWAY, HAVE A GO: there is never any harm in trying
  18. SAY YES: support the ideas of others
  19. BE A TOURIST: always be curious and adventurous
  20. DREAMERS NEED DOERS: we need partners and teams
  21. NETWORK: it really is about who you know and opportunities come from the connections made
  22. PLAYFULNESS:  if it’s fun and makes people laugh, it will be remembered
  23. BE PASSIONATE: be an advocate
  24. LISTEN AND LEARN: there is something valuable in everyone
  25. BE SCARED AND LEAP: chasing something big that you really want is at times terrifying



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