On Commercial Road

One of the fun things working in Council was occasionally seeing “top secret” developers plans before they would be lodged for assessment.  At the time I was looking after the Newstead area, and so it’s cool and funny to see how things look in the end.  This building near Leopold St, is one I remember seeing the plans and drawings to.   I can’t say I overly love the form or concrete finish, but I can see them trying to be different.   I had also noticed the following interesting design details.

a) The texture on the built to boundary wall (BP side).  Eventually you assume the site next door will redevelop, and in the long term you won’t see that wall.  However the small design attention to that wall to try to make it a bit more interesting, at least acknowledges that redevelopment might not happen, or that it might take a while.  I have a vague memory that temporary public art was suggested to address the concerns of blank walls, which I think would still be cool to see in urban renewal areas.

b)  The colour in the ceiling.  It is just a bit of green, but I thought it to be quite a genius design detail.  It really recognises that the street experience/view is important and that most people would view it from that lower level.  I had too noticed this concept in some other riverside apartments, where they had given attention to balcony ceilings (with timber treatments).  I had thought it a clever touch.


One thought on “On Commercial Road

  1. Perhaps the cement could be coloured, like the state library refurb.

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