Nine Elms

Nine Elms is on the doorstep of Westminster and London’s West End. The area is larger than Canary Wharf.Over the coming years Nine Elms will be transformed into the best place to live and do business in London. Nine Elms will be more than just a place for new homes and new jobs, it will be a new and thriving community.

I love urban renewal projects, and I think this video is great.  Yes it’s a bit of an ad, but  I think a really nice piece of urban design communication.  The lack of good engaging communication around urban planning has come up in conversation before, and it has been a personal gripe of mine for awhile.  These exciting urban ideas can be/ should be communicated to the public in better ways.  The use of film and animation is great to let people see the physical vision and the short interviews give a great sense of social fabric.
Frankly I just don’t see any planning project (development, policy, plan or study) here get that kind of thoughtful communication treatment.  Admittedly as I experienced in BCC, I think the graphic design and communication strategies in government are definitely improving, but if you consider that video versus a BCC newsletter about a neighbourhood plan….well I know which one is more exciting to me.
Video link is thanks to Tim (the unofficial-official UK/Europe blog correspondent)

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