Dwell: Bjarke Ingels on ‘Bigamy’

Repost via Dwell: http://www.dwell.com/articles/bjarke-ingels-on-bigamy.html

I dislike ‘starchitect’ tags and sometimes I’m not a fan of BIG work, but I couldn’t help but read this article and agree with the points Bjarke Ingels was saying about architecture and sustainable design.  I guess it makes more sense to me now, why he is seemingly taking over the design world.

“This is an idea that possesses great potential because you have a lot of really large scale infrastructural investments. [The waste to energy plant] is a 700 million dollar project and the part that makes it socially interesting—the ski slope—is almost nothing considering the overall investment. So if somehow you can harness these great forces of economy and infrastructure and use them to create a socially desirable by product you have the potential of hedonistic sustainability.”

Marrying sustainable design with something fun and desirable is the core of Ingels’ concept of “hedonistic sustainability,” a concept that he presented at the symposium.

“With hedonistic sustainability, sustainability is not a sacrifice or not a question of how much of your current lifestyle are you able to sacrifice, but how sustainable buildings actually increase the quality of life,” says Ingels. “If sustainability becomes a design challenge more than a moral obligation, then people can live exactly the way they want to—we can design society around their lifestyle.

“The next book we’re working on has the working title ‘Bigamy’ with the subtitle or tagline ‘you can have both,'” says Ingels. “Quite often the potential for innovation is to explore seeming mutually exclusive concepts. As soon a you mix things and explore the overlaps between programs you can explore synergies, like the idea of hedonistic sustainability.”


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