Brew at Burnett Lane

Brew is Brisbane’s newest Laneway cafe. Located in Burnett Lane they are open from 7am weekdays and from 8.30 weekends and offer great coffee and snack food. Head in for a brew with a swirl of CBD laneway!

On Thursday and Friday evenings Brew also serves brews of a different kind; wine, beer and bubbles for those looking for a relaxing after work drink in one of The City’s best kept secrets, Burnett Lane.

I finally stopped by Brew a couple of Friday nights ago and loved the place.    With the recent flooding making many cool BCC projects like the Laneway Strategy take a backburner, it’s great to see at least some “runs on the board” that had started in the last year.   It was inspiring to talk to Brett about his future plans and how a lot of the outcomes were done through negotiations and collaborations.   Kudos to those trying to do things a bit differently, taking some chances and the result a cool place for people to enjoy.

Today I overheard a stranger, paused near the laneway and say about Brew “oh that’s Brisbane trying to be like Melbourne“.

Oh, who the hell cares?!!! Great space and clever idea is still great space and clever idea – no matter what city it is.   I like that Brisbane still has the creativity to rethink our urban spaces.

That same weekend I also found myself like a tourist, walking the wooden path through the mangroves at Botanic Gardens (I’ve lived here my whole life and never done that!).  From that I thought I should start a “Reasons to Love Brisbane” blog series.  Brew would be on that.

It was also a recognition that I often “run away”, and think my happiness is elsewhere (eg most recently Toronto/New York) and that can make me blind to some of the magic here.  I was also thinking what would I show people if someone from overseas came to visit.

On my current “Reasons to love Brisbane” list (in no particular order)

  1. Brew
  2. Southbank Parklands
  3. Riverwalk from Story Bridge to Riverside Centre stretch
  4. Riverwalk along Tennerife and Woolstore buildings
  5. Powerhouse
  6. Urban Grind ( and that whole Paddington, Latrobe Tce bit)
  7. MetroArts Precinct (Edward St)
  8. State Library/ GOMA
  9. James St Markets area
  10. Roma St Parklands
  11. Goodwill or Kurilpa Bridge
  12. Brisbane Square Markets
  13. The Mall

One thought on “Brew at Burnett Lane

  1. I agree.

    Things Melbourne does not own a copyright over: Art, Bars ,Laneways ,Cosy nooks, shopping, creativity, coffee, good food, markets etc etc.

    Every city in the world has always had these things.

    Melbourne is for the lazy hipster. Brisbane is for the discovery of secrets and creating a place of your own.

    End rant. 🙂

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