design process = question-care-connect-commit

Via Fast Company. “To Innovate, You Need the Courage to Step Backward”  by Warren Berger.

” When we think of innovation, we tend to associate it with forward motion. We may envision it as a leap ahead—a radical breakthrough that happens quickly—or, more realistically, as a steady march forward, during which a series of small advances and refinements eventually lead to a desired outcome.

….In my own head, I’ve started to think of this as a kind of “catalyst’s dance”—with the most common version of it being a nifty (and quite difficult) four-step.

question-care-connect-commit cycle.  What the experienced innovator understands is that there is no shame in going backwards or sideways, and what might seem to be a setback is nothing of the kind—it’s just a step in the dance.”

Read it all at –


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