Wilderness Project

My sister sent me a link to The Wilderness Project.  It is a Google Chrome Experiment that is  “an interactive HTML5 short created with data and images related to your own childhood. Set to Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait,” the experience takes place through choreographed browser windows and utilizes many modern browser features. A collaborative effort between Google Creative Lab and Chris Milk.”

At the start it asked you to enter the city you grew up in.
And through the film it shows maps and scenes of that city (Google Earth and street-view like maps).

I tested it with Brisbane and Toronto just to see what they show.  Both seems to focus on City Hall as the “centre of town” with BCC’s Brisbane Square on George St and Toronto’s old City Hall on Queen St.

At one point this interactive film asks you to also write a letter to your younger self.  It was an interesting thing to do off the cuff.  I began to wonder what the older Yen would write to the current 29-year-old Yen I am today? PD had once said that to me when I was unsure about chasing New York – something like  “what would old, wrinkly Yen say?”

It sticks with me as some pretty good wisdom.

I had learnt that the future is “empty and meaningless’, a blank canvas of nothing – of our creation- therefore a canvas for anything and everything.   I hope the letter, that old wrinkly Yen writes to my present day Yen, says something like “Be proud of yourself.  2011 was the start of something extraordinary. Don’t worry so much.  Your life is going to be amazing, fun, romantic and courageous.”


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