Cambodia: Angkor- Heritage Heroes

I had fallen in LOVE with Singapore Airlines in-flight entertainment, as I had gotten 3 of my fave things
1) a good dose of foreign romantic movies (one from Korea, 2 French ones)
2) great animation that made me cry and laugh out loud (Descipable Me)
3) and some urbanism education… just because I’m a geek like that.

I had watched  the TV doco of “Heritage Heroes” –
It had said something that struck me – that it is urban development(!) more than war and nature that is destroying more of our heritage buildings.

The series I saw highlighted case studies from both Asian and European cities.  It advocated ideas of cultural renewal, reuse of old buildings, and traditional building techniques.  This had also been a topic I thought about when I visited Boston and saw how they embraced heritage.

A trip to Angkor, again only fascinated me in restoration projects, traditional building techniques and the true value of building heritage. The sign out the front declaring UNESCO status powerfully said “…protected for the benefit for all humanity”.  I think we need to take that idea to areas of our own cities.


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