Singapore: Giant Wishing Well

Juxtaposition of scale often makes design instantly playful, and anything GIANT is usually fun.

An unusual giant well at Marina Bay.  With a shopping centre below, perhaps it was designed just as a very clever skylight as well.    I had first walked outside curious to see what it was, and found many people playing impromptu games to get coins into the centre.  It’s harder than it first appears and when my dad got his coin in, it received much applause by me and the standing crowd.

POSTSCRIPT EDIT: So it turns out we were totally violating an art work.


“Kahn’s third work is the most ambitious. “Rain Oculus” is a 22-meter diameter acrylic bowl on a steel structure that weighs 90 tons and will create a swirling vortex of water. The whirlpool drains through a hole in the base into the canal that runs through the shopping mall below. Kahn said the original idea was to gather all the rain from the roofs of all the buildings, a concept that turned out to be impractical in the tropical island.

“You get a lot of rain,” Kahn said at a press briefing in the hotel. Like the Tipping Wall, the Oculus is still awaiting parts before the water, now pumped, can be switched on, a testament to the complexity of the designs. “A number of these things are unprecedented and kind of crazy engineering,” he said.

“It seems like a black hole” from above, said Safdie of the Oculus. “It might be tempting to see what a black hole feels like and jump in,” he joked.


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