Renew Newcastle = Renew Australia

Renew Newcastle is a really great urban story in the revitalisation of empty spaces, now it is taking on Australia!

“Renew Australia will be a national, social enterprise initiative designed to take otherwise empty shops, offices, commercial and public buildings around Australia and make them available for short term use by artists, creative projects and community groups.

Based on the model of Renew Newcastle, Renew Australia will make temporary, transitional use of spaces as to incubate new initiatives and ideas. In doing so we seed new arts projects, new local businesses, and new community activities while also maintaining, improving and bringing life back to decaying buildings and towns.”


Nico had first mentioned this scheme to me earlier this year, I had been in touch with the founder about New York/Toronto visits, and the below survey came across my desktop from Sky.  This survey hints at their agenda for training and consultancy services (it seems much similar to PPS Project for Public Spaces type model).  I’m excited to see this happen, especially the training side.  Training around urban design is my current work headspace, but also believing that in most things the future is in training and teaching of others.  Teach a man to fish..and all that.

Training creates new leaders.  Change only happens through a network of skilled leaders.

To help Renew Australia out, before December 20th-

(we) will have the opportunity to bid for a share of a million dollars in seed funding in early 2011 but in order to do this we need to get our business case right

One of the key things we need to do is demonstrate our viability is to show that communities around Australia are interested in working with us. As a result we have prepared a survey for people working in all levels of government, main street committees, creative industries, the arts, economic development professionals, property owners, and community groups to fill out to let us know what they need and how we might best deliver it.
If it is relevant to what you do could you please take the time to fill out our survey?
The survey is at:


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