QUT Design School Grad Show

If I had to do my time again, I’d study to be an architect or landscape architect. I had even looked into it at times.

A wander through the QUT School of Design End of Year exhibition, and catching up with old uni pals did make me think of my own education as well as friends who were still studying or teaching in those spaces.   I had thought and applied to Creative Industries Masters, but more study is not so financially or time appealing right now.  But I certainly miss aspects of that world.   I had enjoyed the creativity and freedom in my own foray back to school in IwB.  I too remember the pride of end of year exhibitions, visiting other grad ones at OCAD and also miss some of the great internships, collaborative studio and travel opportunities students get these days.  It is a different space.  It is a funny balance too.  Depending on the school and project, it comes to tension  – the wild creativity of the academic world balanced with constraints of the “real world”.  I’m probably bias to supporting the high creative exploration, feeling like soon enough the real world will easily beat that idealism out of grads.  Might as well enjoy it while you can in school.  OR in fact maybe it’s more true to say that the most passionate and savvy hold on to that balance way beyond school.


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