New York Expands Pop-Up Cafe Program in 2011

Via Architect News:  New York Expands Pop-Up Cafe Program in 2011.

The appeal to NYC for me was partly the great work coming from the DOT in the past years.  It is great to seen them continue this movement of  “like a glorified PARK(ing) Day spot made (semi-)permanent and held on high, these pop-up cafés invite pedestrians to imagine their city in new ways.”

This pop-up movement from San Franscisco and now New York, is showing the promising signs of change from PARK(ing) Day and other similar advocacy.  In my head, the PARK(ing) Day agenda  for Brisbane was always moving towards more permanent spaces as well.    It is all baby steps – temporary, semi permanent, permanent.     I need to remember that, as this project (and others) –  I can at times get fustrated in the “baby steps”.   I had naively leapt into the first Brisbane PARK(ing) Day chasing Council support and learning the steps/challenges/time/trust building all that still needs to take.   I’m often impatient  and I see these hopeless grand leaps in other areas of my life too.   

These programs however gives me hope, that if these cities can do this -so can others! 

Temporary, semi permanent, permanent. 
Like small, medium, large projects. 
Like changes from small grassroots, businesses to government. 
Like street, neighbourhood to city scales 
Like plan, build, maintain
These things tend to comes in 3s, in different, important and connected scales.

I think it will always be the case we need change and holistic thinking at all 3 levels to make cities great.  I guess having worked in the more permanent/policy/broad ends of the spectrum in my “real work” I had always enjoyed the temporary/built/small as a balance to that in my “side work”.


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