I’ve had previous conversation with others about “creativity” and what it is in relation to design, ideas, work, and collaborative process.  In looking up possible Landmark seminars, there was one on creativity and in that I kind of liked their description of it and what it takes – 

Creativity requires the willingness to suspend easy answers and quick solutions—to step beyond the familiar and the known into uncharted territory where there are no guideposts and the outcome is uncertain.

Creativity ultimately is about risk, about courage—the courage to come from nothing into all of it—the courage to step beyond what is for what could be. When you literally must stand on your own, bringing yourself forth from nothing—this is the hallmark of creativity.

Maybe that is also why I’ve admired successful creative people – it takes some guts and confidence to be creative!  The risk takers, the courageous subversion, and going outside comfort zones to innovate.  It takes working on yourself and your own baggage to do so.  I certainly feel like I’ve been working on mine a lot recently.


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