Design as collective conciousness

An extract from an undated letter I found by Malcolm Snow, Place Leaders.  The comments reflecting why Melbourne leads urban design, and the combination of political will, leadership and well executed vision.  He ends it quite beautifully with –  

Urban design is not “owned” or practiced by a single discipline. Urban design is as much about a mindset and a collective consciousness. It is about the sum of the parts involving many players contributing to the whole city, about how it looks and about how it functions. In short, it is about a city’s ability to seize the right opportunities at the right time and create something extraordinary.

Aside from the urban designer and collaborator in me enjoying those words – I still see people like cities, design like life.  In my own life, I’m increasingly aware my happiness also relies on the same principles.  I too am the sum of my parts – my collaborators, their mindsets, the shared ability to see opportunities at the right time. And like urban design process, extraordinary things can only occur when synergies and things all line up, which at times takes some work and time. And just as I take a fighting stand for urban design. I have to also take it for my own happiness.


One thought on “Design as collective conciousness

  1. thosespacesinbetween says:

    well said ms trinh… well said 🙂

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