Brisbane Park(ing) still surprises me

I took a call today from Western Australia, where some Councillors are scoping out Park(ing) Day for their city.  It still surprises me when people assume it is more ‘legit’ than it is in real life.   We might be one of the largest cities worldwide but yet to get City political support or permits.  And while that missing support frustrates me at times, I think it also says something remarkable about the people involved.

One of the longer term success measures in my mind was more permanent public space.

I had emailed Deicke Richards Architects earlier in the year around ideas of a permanent space, in the hope of using it as a base model for my People’s Park non-profit idea. I never did hear back from them.

However pleasantly surprised to return home to find they went ahead and created a space!

Deicke Richards has created spectacular PARK(ing) Day installations for the 2008 and 2009 events, but this year the practice takes its involvement to a new level. A permanent green space will be created in front of the company’s building at 58 Baxter Street, Fortitude Valley, which means giving up two car parks for an outdoor meeting area, green wall and tree planting.

Their website also features Ten News VIDEO –

I still get associated with this event, but the leadership has really been in Amy the last 2 years.  It was great to watch her talk about Park(ing) Day at Creative Drinks, and the ripple-effect initiatives that have come out of the day, like her Game Nights in King George Square.   She had mentioned to me her pride in how her QUT Collaborative Design students had developed, and I see her development in the same light.  Beyond permanent public spaces, perhaps the greatest, most satisfying measure of success is the design and community leaders this event has created and inspired.  (many who I will never actually know about)

The event really doesn’t need me anymore, and I couldn’t be prouder.


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