Manifesto. If Bruce can, so can I

In wanting to share my previous work and presentations, I came across some old High Line research I did during IwB.   I had especially enjoyed the great tips from the FHL founder around community action.  At the time I could see it especially reflected and relevant in my Park(ing) day work and they are still things I desire in my design and community projects.

I’ve always enjoyed the Bruce Mau Incomplete Manifesto and it had formed my interest in IwB and BMD work.  His manifesto is statements exemplifying beliefs, strategies and motivations.   One of the funnest job I had as an intern there was illustrating parts of the manifesto for a poster idea.  Many statements still resonate with me, and continue to get referenced in conversations about design I’ve had with others.

So in the coming weeks, I’m going to try to write The Yen Manifesto as a way to shape my future business, projects and life.

Bruce has 42 points and I might aim for a concise 20 or so…we shall see.


One thought on “Manifesto. If Bruce can, so can I

  1. […] reminds me I did foolishly say last year, that I was going to write my Yen Manifesto, since I had always enjoyed the Bruce Mau one.  Well I did start to write it, but then it also […]

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