Soho Seats

I noticed these interesting seats on Broadway in Soho, which I hadn’t ever seen before.  I had noticed the build out area previously because it seems to be unusually bare or not really serving a purpose.  I wouldn’t say I love the seats but they are trying to do something interesting.  Also spotted was a really weird design placement of a bike rack located right by a seat that seems to blatantly restrict legroom.  You would think whoever screwed down the rack or seat (whatever element came second) would have seen some logic to it.


One thought on “Soho Seats

  1. David says:

    Maybe they installed it backwards… cos if it were the other way those two people would have their back to the bike pole??

    And yes, the build out seems completely under utilised… no plants and the seats could possibly be better diagonally or looking down the street, not across…

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