MTA Museum

Jonathon let me indulge in my public transport geekiness by visiting the MTA Transit Museum.  It’s been on my New York “to do” list for a bit.   A museum about subways IN a subway – come on, it doesn’t get much cooler.

  • I LOVE, love the subway public art (especially the mosaic ones) and it was fun to see some of the process and many ones I hadn’t seen or noticed as art
  • I learnt about the old street-car system which it hadn’t clicked to me there once was one.  Except it makes since like in the evolution of most cities. As Brisbane and other cities have explored light rail etc, it reminds me that was one thing I like about Toronto was how they kept streetcars.
  • There was a great collection of subway cars and it so reminded me of seeing the subway installation with Michael, that Absolut had done last year in Toronto’s Bay Station.
  • I’m a geek for transit maps and it was fun to see how it had evolved over the years

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