Highbridge Park (Yen vs SketchUp)

As part of my internship, I was working on the North Manhattan Parks Master Plan.

The team has been developing some great interactive mapping that lets people comment on plans.  It is an extra level to community engagement in a format I have not seen elsewhere.  Check it out at – http://www.nycgovparks.org/sub_your_park/vt_north_manhattan_parks/nmp_master_plan.html

Most of my time was aimed at doing illustrations to communicate ideas, namely ended up modelling Highbridge Park.  It was definitely a learning curve, and a frustrating test at times for my SketchUp skills.  I had asked friends for advice and it doing so, it was clear the only way TO LEARN IS TO DO.  Especially in these computer programs, but this resonates to my past experiences and now in others areas of my life.  I’m appreciating the art of fumbling through, making it up, and learning by doing.  Taking action is the only way we can advance in anything.


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