Roosevelt Island + Parkour Spaces

On the “show me New York” challenge to Walter, we ended up on Roosevelt Island.  An odd pocket of neighborhood become of it’s geographic “isolation”, that I’d been curious and he mentioned was a great place for  Parkour.

Among our other conversations, I had thought the deconstruction of urban spaces from a parkour perspective would be a fascinating analysis for urban designers.   For me it would be newer look into heights, barriers and edges.  I’ve had similar ideas doing that with skateboarders.  I had questioned what a parkour designed space would be, and he mentioned it would defeat the improvisation that is key to it.  I wonder the same as cities try to roll out skateparks and skaters opinions of them.   Like most things I imagine it’s a balance – unplanned to keep the improvisation and fun but some formalised spaces and groups that help grow the culture and acceptability in urban settings.


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