Making Sand Angels

Socrates Sculpture Park has been on my “to do” list to visit, and as me and Walter stumbled upon it, there wasn’t actually anything much to really see as the park was in a transition. BUT  that ended up being an adventure in disguise, as we ended up talking and helping out Dan Steinheilber on his work.

Casting Angels

Dan Steinhilber and the Public Art Residency Pilot Program
Opening Reception: September 12, 2010, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens

Dan Steinhilber, the DC artist chosen for the Public Art Residency Pilot Program, is hard at work at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens. The residency, the result of a partnership between the WPA, DCCAH and Socrates, lasts through September 12, when the Dan’s project opens to the public. The project, Casting Angels, invites the public to create ‘sand angels’ – imprints of their body in a sand box – which the artist then fills with concrete. In communication with the WPA via email, Dan says he’s “enjoying working on the project and interacting with the many people in the park and also getting to know the artist felllows in the studio.”

For more on Dan’s work, the Casting Angels project and the Public Art Residency Pilot Program, check out this piece by Blake Gopnik from the Washington Post and Jeffry Cudlin’s interview with WPA Executive Director Lisa Gold on the City Paper Arts Desk Blog.

I love all forms of participatory art, and think designers can learn a lot from artists in how to engage with the public (and vice versa)

This work also reminded me of the joy of my first (…prehaps only?) snow angel, that happened on a super fun tobogganing date in Toronto’s Riverdale Park.  It also makes me think this would be perfect for art activation of beaches like the Swell Sculpture Festival.


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