Online Dating + Design Dating

The idea of linking designers and non-profits through an online dating service came up as an idea at the Monthly Design Review meeting.  It is concept I had sort of  thought and posted about before.  Design and dating is a metaphor that my friend Ayla continues to explore on her blog.

The Idea :

DESIGN DATING – a “dating” website for designers and non profits/community groups to create connections and volunteer opportunities.

I had suggested at MDR to look at online dating sites as research and analysis. I tried online dating twice and it’s essentially based on profiles and searchable criteria.  It does helps find common ground, and allow critical selections.  The success of such sites seems based on the relative size and quantity of the ‘pool’
It feels like the play on “online dating” would help reach the young target market of designers, as well as be hilarious by using metaphors that many can awkwardly relate to.  There could be a fine line between sexy and cheesy- but nonetheless it is an opportunity for HUMOUR, PLAYFULNESS and WORDPLAY.

Some examples of language that could be in profiles:
One Night Stand = one off volunteer opportunities
Fling = short term opportunities up to 6 weeks
Dating = Ongoing regular opportunities
Dating multiple people = Ongoing opportunities but flexibility in work days
True Love= Employment with non-profit
TURN ONS (interests)
Example – mine are urban space, design collaborations
FAVOURITE POSITION (best role/project/skills)
Example – computer programs
SHARE A FANTASY (a dream project idea or mission)
Example –
Toy Boy = Start up organization (less than a year)
Sugar Daddy = Established group

…..and it really could go on.  (add some to comments if you can think of any)

It could also link to other MDR  events.   There could be several ways to meet dates-

  • Picking up at a party = the face-to-face MDR meetings
  • Set up by friends =  connections through MDR members
  • Online dating = website

As a second functionality of this website I guess it could be a real dating site (designers who want to date other designers? haha why not).

MDR could be the “wingman”


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