NY PARK(ing) Day Interview

I’m a PARKer where ever I go it seems.  I am hoping to get involved helping the NYC organisers Transportation Alternatives and had also suggested it as an opportunity to link up existing projects (Architecture for Humanity, Do Tank) that are exploring the activation of under the Expressway in Brooklyn  http://underthebqe.wordpress.com/

I did an interview with Alyssa from TA about this work –

READ full interview herehttp://blog.parkingdaynyc.org/2010/08/12/parking-day-down-under/

“Recently Park(ing) Day NYC had the opportunity to connect with Park(ing) Day organizers from other cities. The following interview was conducted with Yen Trinh, who in 2008 and 2009 helped organize Park(ing) Day in Brisbane, Austraila. We are also fortunate that this year she’ll be able to enjoy Park(ing) Day in New York City since she recently moved here to work with such groups as Architecture for Humanity and Do Tank: Brooklyn. Do Tank: Brooklyn will be hosting a Park(ing) Spot this year and we can’t wait to see what they create!

My last line in the interview  was – “Support people to have fun and be playful.  Cities are harsh places sometimes, we could all do with something that makes us smile”.

I really believe that these days.   It is a principle I am trying to remind myself in my life.  Smiles are contagious and I know that I can only make others smile if I can smile myself.  I really understand that more these days – in life, design and the world –  that playfulness, friendliness, fun and humour is inspiring.  It also takes a confidence and power to do this – it takes confidence to subvert anything.  This is why funny things are memorable, why funny people are attractive etc. Cities should be Funny Cities.


One thought on “NY PARK(ing) Day Interview

  1. thosespacesinbetween says:

    awesome yen… bloody awesome 🙂

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