My first podcast: QUT Collaborative Design Interview

“The experience of cross-disciplinary design collaboration is considered a significant aspect of the preparation of design students for future professional practice. This unit provides such an experience through a collaborative design studio. Collaboration will be addresses and fostered by students working on a design studio project that facilitates cross- disciplinary collaboration and introduces them to various forms of collaboration. Through the project student will be exposed to the discourse of design disciplines other than their own while at the same time being able to build on
discipline specific skills, knowledge and attitudes.”
I answered the questions –
  1. What’s your design background?
  2. What sort of design work do you currently undertake?
  3. What part does collaboration with other design (and non-design) disciplines play in your work?
  4. What do you think is important to remember when it comes to successful collaboration?
  5. What do you think your design discipline brings to a project in terms of insights or point of view?
I haven’t yet listened to it, but it reflects some of my learnings from my work especially in IwB, PARK(ing) Day, “real work”, and Terre Farm-

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