Malls R Us

I found this trailer for “Malls R Us” on Amy’s blog –

It was during IwB, when I was looking at rethinking suburban malls and their car-parking, that I fell in love with Rem Koolhaas’s GSD class’s work – Project on the City.  Both the book and movie trailer, say shopping malls are now social institutions/centres much like churches traditionally are.  A disturbing comparison at times but feels true.   It’s a GREAT thought provoking book.  Via Ssense – “This highbrow answer to “Confessions of a Shopaholic” touches on marketing, mall architecture, cultural retail and more in its examination of how shopping has become the defining element of modern urban life. A perfect self-referential antidote to pre-holiday mall madness.”

Since architecture/urban design exploration is at times about a certain type of glam – I also liked the exploration into something that can be at times really boring and ugly, yet highly relevant to so many cities.


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