Painting Southview Park

On Friday, I was out leading a bunch of banking summer interns on a painting project at Southview Park, Bronx, as part of my 2 day internship with Partnerships for Parks.

Amongst other things Partnerships for Parks is the “middle man” between City Parks and corporate groups who wish to volunteer.  It is an opportunity for the under budget parks to get supplies and help, and corporate groups give back.  A nice win-win.   I’ve been interested in park management models that are structurally and culturally different to what occurs in Brisbane. I certainly can’t think of anyone like Partnerships currently working in this – and I’m not even sure how one would volunteer or do a project in a Brisbane park.

It was fun day, and quite a sense of achievement painting over 300 bollards. The interns were inspired to finish the whole stretch, and considering we couldn’t see the end of the street from where we started, it felt great walking back to see how long it really was. (Though PS. they seemed like a wasted design feature – for people not to ram the fence I imagined.  You would think there might be some other way)

This was my second painting gig – I had painted a playground with some kids and Mets players in Queens the previous week.  I might be an expert by the end of this.


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