Oyster Bay Excursion

I visited Oyster Bay to see the work of DoTank.

The community planning project is part of a design competition for Build a Better Burb. And is a really great model called 48x 48 x48.  It is a really clever way to connect consultation, community building and strategic planning

48 hours of intervention (street closure festival)…used to create

Action plan for next 48 months …that sets up

Vision for the next 48 years.

I feel like most planning processes kind of skips or is often weak in some part of that –  so its good to see working together in a logical way.  For example sometimes visioning exercises look at the 48 years but become so intangible to the public when the 48 months aren’t looked at.  Similarly in the case of Brisbane PARK(ing) Day, we have the short term intervention, but had discussed and too felt the need to move that to longer term actions or projects.

It was a nice excuse to go visit an area I would not likely have got to.  First adventure on the Long Island Rail.  Enjoyed the community feel. Made a pinata.  Celebrity sighted Billy Joel. Walked the waterfront.


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