Bike Ride: South side

After following the bike path past Chelsea, along the water in Battery Park City, and fumbled around a confusing part near Staten Island Ferry, I reconnected to the bike path under the South St Viaduct (pictured)  and kept going to East River Park.  I like the purple strip giving a nice visual indication of the path.  This section I stopped by the South St Seaport Area, and after that it was noticable difference in characters and quality.  I enjoyed that my trip showed a marked transition in spaces and landscape.

Things I noticed-

  1. East River Park and Lower East side.  Some of the paths were in a lower state of repair.  A more Latino community I enjoyed seeing some impromptu bbq-ing underneath the expressway
  2. The section near Chinatown, had Asian men fishing near the path
  3. South St Seaport section was touristy.  From here east I found fewer bikes on the path.
  4. West St is newer, busier paths.    Lots more bikes in this stretch
  5. Battery Park City – the bike path along West St is a clearer run, the shared areas along the water were at times congested with people.
  6. 4o’s Streets.  I picked the bike near the Circle Line, and sure it was Fleet Week too but that section was especially congested with pedestrians that the shared path was not working
  7. Riverside Park.  Lots of bikes and congested in some shared paths.

Often I heard of  cyclists getting aggressive on shared paths (like in Brisbane, along Coro Drive) I never quite understood it.  I still think it is unnecessary to be rude about it, but I do also understand now why they can be frustrating.

I measured it when I got home, to be about 27km.  it was about 5 hours of rental (with stops).  I’m not quite ready to brave the streets, but they have many lanes, and a great map the City put together.

Bikes: A great fun way to see cities.


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