Drawing Inspirations

I stumbled upon the website of Rafael Vinoly Architects.  I found myself captivated by the videos of drawings.  Watching it for minutes, just love watching the process.

The blank of nothing.  Pen translating an idea and dream.

There is a purity in drawing,  I can’t even describe.  Drawing style is so inherent to the individual.  It has the marks of that person and only that person.  I love it is an expression of that person – you can’t hide, pretend or copy that.  It is just who you are.

Plus there is something really sexy about a man who can draw.

I hate when people say they can’t draw.  As my old drawing class teacher said, everyone can.  People get too hung up in style but as long it communicates, it is still drawing.  In a way he taught though drawing  a lot about “acceptance of ourselves”.  Sure sometimes I wish my drawings straight from pen could be single line, neat, and marked with decisive stroke and confidence.  Sometimes I’m enviously of the friends who can add such realism and hyper detail to faces and portraits. I’d like to learn, but that just isn’t my style naturely – my style is much more sketchy.

I loved my elective at IwB and I did a life drawing class at Metro Arts which was great fun.  I should find an art class to do here.  I should buy a real sketchbook.


I remember my old Tract Consultants boss, Mark, say something like how hand drawing was being lost in urban design practice as things got more digital.  I’ve heard other express the same.  I remember being at a workshop how wowed the group was when an architect from Hassell sketched something.  It is a powerfully effective design tool to capture imaginations.  It is a fundamental skill all designers must have, most things start out as hand sketch.

There is something fascinating about other people’s sketchbooks.   They are hidden worlds of ideas, dreams and thoughts.


Via Design Trust for Public Space – “The danger of digital media is that it lets us be lazy about what we are seeing and it excuses us from actual engagement and participation. Walking around, sketching and live conversation force us to plug back into the city and learn from it”

Last year just before I left Toronto, I got a sketchbook from this cool Absolut Vodka art installation at Bay Station, that I saw with my friend Micheal,.  I loved the words inside.  I ended up pasting them into a sketchbook which I gave to my friend Paul.

It reads.


Here is your chance
Your blank page
No one is here to tell you who or what belongs
or how things should look
an opportunity
a book of ideas to come
it is important to carry a blank book
there is a strange thing that happens in the world when ideas are writing down

ink to paper
water to land
drop to sky
spirit to body

things will move
because these pages contain the potential to
change the world

maybe just in a drawing, an idea
a mistake, a love letter

this  book is yours
it doesn’t judge
it only helps inspire
take it with you
keep reaching out to others
keep your eyes open
you are exactly where you need to be.


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