Public Space Activation: Big at Tribeca Film Festival

Me and Liz went to the Financial Plaza, for the free screening of Tom Hanks 80’s classic “Big” as part of the Tribeca Film Festival public programming.  Great movie, great use of space.  They had free popcorn, kids activities and lots of chairs.  I hadn’t visited that area and it felt VERY Sydney Darling Harbour like.  It was almost uncanny the feeling of familiarity.

Outdoor movies are like instant crowd pleasers I think.  I look forward to finding more in New York.

Movies was one of the earliest things BCC rolled out as part of King George Square activation on Friday nights.  I ended up watching “Man from Snowy River” there in February.  I had just gone to say HI to Luke who programs the space and he convinced me to stay for the whole movie.  He mentioned the set up including film license was about $4000 a screening.

I’d like to do a temporary drive in. When I was advising BCC Creative Communities on the public space activation, it was one of the ideas I was meaning to run (would still like to do) for that King George Square space as well as ugly carparks citywide for PARK(ing) Day.

The idea is basically the same existing movie set but having cars parked in the square.

It would involve partnering with car clubs or  car share to do a parked “drive in”.   Another route is obviously a car company or car dealership but I’m not sure if that is distastefully “corporate”.   In my head, vintage car clubs would be fun.   Though as my car enthusiast friend Chris tells me, those kind of owners might be very precious about sharing cars or having people touch cars.     And for all the anti-car ideas, in my head it could also be a rotating transit theme (like Bike drive in, Vespa drive in).  Ironically King George Square is also above a car park, so it would be funny to make the “invisible” visible in a sense.

Even though not of my generation, there is a nostalgia and novelty to drive ins, that makes this idea feel fun and viable.

Still looking for a project car partner to do this, if you know anyone or any groups, CONTACT ME.

Grand Opening (below) was the inspiration as well as Guerrilla Movie movements (like in Santa Cruz)


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