High Line Revisited

10th St. One of my fave areas. Too bad the timber lost its colour

A week later it got green!

I gave the hyper-active urban design tour to Mark and Phuong, then a week later to Ross and Cath. It was surprising how even in a week it changed.  It got greener! Trees that didn’t have leaves had leaves!

After my first visit, I wrote to Pauls

“I have to say I’m SO so glad that we got to see it last summer. When it was shiny and new.

In between, obviously time and weather happened, sun, snow etc, of course it changed – and unexpectedly ALL the timber has aged with that dull streak of grey you see in unprotected timber.
which YEAH is understandable, but certainly not the WOW sexy factor that we got to see,
I’m sad my sister missed that really warm, rich, brown of timber that first blew me away at the time.
If I liken High Line to a man.
When I first saw him it was just love and lust instantly
Now I see him again, he looks a bit older, worn down
His beautiful brown hair now with some grey.
But underneath, he’s still the same amazing man, I like to perve on

I’m applying for jobs but am going to volunteer there I think, just so I can be in the company of this man.
One of the best articles I saw written on High Line, was in Metropolis Magazine, the writer saying something like what inspired them most is that Hight Line – was that it was a reminder that dreams were possible (ie that crazy projects are possible, community action are possible etc etc) always loved that because that is totally what it is to me – urban design dream!”

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