Seating Design

I notice street furniture.  I’m weird like that.

Theses are extract from emails to Morgan and Josh.

“No you never told me about the physical design (of cafe) –  but as someone into public space design I totally, totally relate to how layout and placement of things can shape behavior, create community or not.

You could do fascinating study on how people site in spaces alone- I’m sure people have!
Someone once told me Brisbane we are notoriously bad at sharing benches – like people will just aim for the middle space of a public bench and claim it as theirs.
In public space design/landscape architecture there are whole theories about seating- one i remember from uni is “prospect-refuge” we like to sit where we can look out to something (prospect)but not feel vulnerable from the back(refuge).  I think this is why people aim for seats at the back of room, seats under trees, booth seats etc. if you see public seating unused it likely is just positioned badly (like some street furniture) sometimes i see seats and think “who would sit there, and why?”

I then couldn’t help but notice seating arrangements on the street and it made me wonder which works the best. That in fact the typical arrangement (close to kerb, facing the footpath) might not be the best arrangement at all.


One thought on “Seating Design

  1. Amy Saunders says:

    My students were learning about Prospect / Refuge today. I’ll make sure they see your post. 🙂

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