The definition of Yen at the front of this blog, actually came from an inspiring day in Maleny.  A hinterland escape of my mentor and creative kindred – Malcolm.

As I wrote to a friend – “I had an amazing inspiring day hanging out with Sonia, and Malcolm (and his kids). A house set amongst the trees, amazing loving creative family, 2 of my work mentors, home made pizzas, wine, summer day. I went up in hope to inspire him, but he spun it around and he inspired ME right back. especially about about my folio, about New York, new ideas and confirmed so much of what we had talked about.”

He wrote my PIA Media Awards reference and I would mirror back the same thoughts of him, and this house. He wrote “In times when ‘life-work balance’, ‘innovation’ and ‘spiritual intelligence” are becoming mantras, Yen is making what I consider an invaluable contribution” . He is doing the same

The way I see these concepts reflected in the house –

Live-work balance – An office at home for creative explorations, a space that lets passions combine. A hut where he can blend of life passions (music) and  work passions (design) into one.  When work and play feel like one in the same.  For him I think that might happen with place music.

Innovation – A house that innovates in housing design.  Innovative in the effective use of smaller space, is site responsive (notably to slope) and is adaptable and staged design (grew over many years)

Spiritual Intelligence – The house has soul and spirit.   And sure that is the reflection of the people, the stories and objects that give it spirit – but even take that way, from a design sense I think nature is spirit- and it feels like it has spiritual intelligence because the house is so connected and surrounded by trees and landscape.


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