Kangaroo Point Park

In a great public gesture, the old TAFE site at Kangaroo Point Cliffs is now a public space. Removing buildings and making it into park, sadly feels a bit rare, usually it is the reverse. Given the cost of inner city land, and difficulty in which BCC have to similarly battle market costs to acquire land, why doesn’t the State Government as a land owner might continue to be a major player in new public space and parks. This could a key opportunity in the inner city (Bowen Hills, Woollongabba)


One thought on “Kangaroo Point Park

  1. WB says:

    Although it’s certainly heartening to see the creation of new parks in the inner-cty, the space, in my opinion, has an ’emptyness’ to it; a lack of substance and experience. Like many projects in Brisbane, the micro details and human-scale subtleties of planning and design have been, for the most part, glossed over. I am also of the opinion that the park is not entirely suited to Brisbane’s climate, nor do i find it a particularly enjoyable place to wander and amble. If it were not for the natural splendour of its setting, it would be in many ways forgettable.

    On another note, tt’s good to see a Brisbane urbanist doing well in New York. I am a planner myself and have a great deal of respect for the urbanist movement in America at present, especially in San Fran and New York.

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